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My Dirty Little Secret

I do have a dirty little secret, of sorts. It is not however of a carnal or illicit nature so forget about that right now! My dirty little secret is that ‘I do not gamble’.

Now before you run off and say ‘he doesn’t know what he’s talking about’, let me add that I have done my share of gambling in the past. I am also squarely within the casino industry. For instance, I started this website in December of 2000. For those of you who have been around for a while, you know that nine years is a lifetime when it comes to online sites.

I even started late in the online casino business too. I registered my first website in March of 1996. Now that is old. Since then I have been involved in many online niches besides gambling. Currently I have 145 different domains registered. Of those websites, 46 of them concern gambling! But gambling and travel are my core interests.

One of my most recent sites incorporates my love of travel with the casino and gambling business. That one is called ‘Macau China Casinos‘. Why Macau you will ask. Because Macau already has the world’s largest land based casino and it is the only city in China that has legalized casinos. The Wall street journal just said “Some Las Vegas-based casino companies now see Asia as their primary vehicle for growth”. China is also the worlds largest market and will surpasse the US economy around 2012. Well, ‘duh’!

Also, just yesterday I created a new website that involves the twitter craze . If you are young you will probably love the concept and usage of twitter. With it’s 160 character message limit, this online spawn of cell phone texting fits neatly within the frenetic fast paced multitasking nature of today’s youth oriented culture. While this site is meant to run primarily on autopilot, I will refer to it to keep my finger on the pulse of this pulsating and throbbing arena.

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